Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Welcome to the Real World, It Sucks, You're Gonna Love it!" ~FRIENDS

It happened folks, it's official, my baby brother is a College Graduate!!

4 years, 2 huge projects, 48 classes, 3 spring break trips, and countless Frat parties later... Johnny has entered the real world.
We are all so proud of him, and can't wait to see what the Real World has in store.

I graduated college only 3 short years ago, yet so much has changed since then. I didn't join the workforce in may with all other graduates, I did it in December. That December happened to be right before the economy was redefined in the world, and before our Stock Market hit record lows. The world is ever evolving, and so must we.
Congratulations Johnny!!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, along with my birthday and mom's birthday, we have a trip planned to Disney world!
(I'm actually a little late with this post, since we just came back from our trip to Disney, but more on that later...)
For now our family is basking in this victory, and congratulating John on a job very well done.

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