Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some Young Lovin'

That's Young House Lovin' to be exact!!
Anyone ever heard of the Awesomeness that is the blog Young House Love?  Well if you've known me for more than 5 minutes you've probably heard of it, because I'm kind of obsessed!
How obsessed you ask...

Well, I'm obsessed enough to have DIY art inspired by them hanging in my bathroom:

And, obsessed enough to have trudged my butt out in this:

For 2 minutes of this:

And a very special this:

Yes people, that is Sherry & John Petersik, next to Moi, at West Elm in Boston after they just signed my copy of the DIY handbook they wrote together.
This couple is truely amazing.  They have been married 5 years, have a beautiful daughter at home, and the make their living, TOGETHER, both working at home writing this amazing blog.  Somehow they have time in their days to do multiple projects, take photos before, during, and after said projects, edit those photos, upload those photos, and write 2 blog posts per day, all while taking care of their 2 year old.  Did I mention that they do all of this together, 24/7 as husband and wife and they both work at home...and they haven't killed each other!
That alone is worthy of a drive out in the snow people, but honestly, they are so super cool in person, totally exactly how they sound on the blog.  They make you feel as if you really know them and you're their new bff.

Even though listening to their suggestion to buy the book at the signing location instead of online cost me an additional TEN dollars more than I could have gotten it for on Amazon...I guess I still like them since their book is so great!

So glad I could make it to the signing and get to meet them, and I can't wait to start doing some projects from their book!
(don't worry I'll keep you posted on any projects that get done!)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Again

I have no idea how this year has flown by so fast that it's already Thanksgiving... but nonetheless

I hope all of you readers out there are celebrating this holiday warm and safe and dry with family and friends.  I know there are many people out there that have been devastated by storms in the past few weeks that may find it hard to be thankful this year which just makes me even more thankful for what I have been blessed with in my life.

Among many, many other things...I am thankful for....

These awesome ladies!
 This very special man!  :)
Love you Babe.
 Amazing vacations!
 This beautiful, perfect, little angel.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Organize Much?

I don't pretend that I'm a great housekeeper, or that I make the absolute best use of space in our Condo., but occasionally I do break out the "Organize/Clean/Clean-Out" gene.  Last weekend was one of those times.
With Mr. Man driving his oil truck all over MA on a Saturday, I was left with some time on my hands.  What did I do with that time you ask?  Well, I did this.....

 That's right, I took everything out of that pesky corner cabinet.  You know the one, where you can't really reach everything, and You're never really sure what's made it all the way to the back of that top shelf waaaay back in the corner.
Well I discovered my friend that what made it to the back of that shelf... was 3 boxes of Baking Soda!  Yea, apparently 3 separate trips to the store I had Baking Soda on the brain, but not quite enough to remember that I was experiencing deja vu.  So if any one was thinking of getting me Baking Soda for Christmas... don't, I'm good.

There was one good thing that came out of this realization...
The corner cabinet that started out as this:

Became this: 

I dunno about you, but I call that a Saturday well spent!

Let's just hope it can stay like this and that the organization is contagious and all the other nooks and crannies of this house catch that fever!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Project for Baby

As you all know my best friend had a baby recently.  I have been very much enjoying making things for this new little "niece" of mine!  There have been quite a few Pinterest inspired happenings.
The first one was the "string of name" that you saw in a previous post.  Her mama and dada have since hung that up as part of their nursery corner decorations.

My favorite project though I think has to be awarded to the Mobile!
This is such a simple idea, though time consuming, and I'm already working on another one for another special baby in my life since I loved it so much!
First starting out with a template from Pinterest I traced and cut out all my needed circles and lay them out like the tutorial instructed. [sorry couldn't get the pic to turn in blogger land]

Then I painted a Dowl, and with hubby's help, cut it in half to create the perfect launch point for all of my strands.
I LOVE the way it looks from the adult view... I just hope Milana likes it as much as I do!!

"Man, getting awesome gifts from Auntie Julie is hard work!!"

btw: baby sleeping on my chest =  one of the best feelings in the world!