Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cooking Chronicles

Bon Appetite Cookbook has been keeping me busy.
Recently I made a scallops dish that was a total Flop!  However, I'm proud to announce that that has been the only disappointment so far.

The Tunisian Chicken dish has been a fan favorite so far!  I enjoyed the leftovers for days afterwards, and to me, beyond that first bite of awesomeness, that's the mark of a great recipe.
(Apparently I don't have a pic of that one though)

This one was braised chicken with Peppers and Kale.  Yummy!

A rare fish dish, this one was a solo evening when the Hubs was away for a friend's father's funeral :(
The Swordfish with Avocado and Tomato relish was very fresh and delicious.  It's a once in a while recipe though.
 This one was my biggest adventure so far.  Making Ribs without a Grill...
The sauce was a homemade sweet & spicy, basted every 15 minutes, in the oven, on a rack on a cookie sheet...
They weren't quite fall-off-the-bone, and my dad's are still better, but they were lick-your-fingers good, and we ate them all.

Cant wait to get cooking on the next one!

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