Thursday, November 14, 2013


It's funny how something like having a dog can make you learn new things about yourself.
Having Brody around the past month has taught me about, well really more Affirmed, my nurturing character and it's strength.  It's been 4 weeks with our pup and I still hate leaving for work every morning, and am sad to leave him in the car when I go into a store.
I went to Petco for the first time last weekend (Mr. Man had been doing it alone prior to that) and Brody was allowed Into the store with us!!  That was so much fun!

Having Brody has also taught me that I love being outside, even when it's cold and windy and possibly raining (ok, maybe not when it's raining, let's be honest here!). I enjoy the fresh air and the time to just walk with him.  It's a great Necessary Motivator to get outside at a time of year when normally I would hibernate.

I also learned that I can't let Mr. Man always be the one to fill the food bowl, because Brody has very much less interest in me when he doesn't think I'll ever feed him!  Oh Dogs!

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