Thursday, September 4, 2014

Project #2 - Teaser

Project #2 has a caveat! but we'll get to that in a minute...
You've all heard me talk about the "Swap Shop" and how much it has changed my life... well, this project is another tribute to that very place.
Mr. Man and I had been talking about wanting to get one of those old style, everyone's parents and grand-parents have one, type rocking chairs for our house.  One day, it came to us, via the Swap Shop!!

It's in pretty good condition, super sturdy, and has only a couple minor dents & scratches, but that gives it the Loved&Lived-in look that we like.  The only thing I really wanted to do to this chair was make a nice think butt-cushion.  Knowing I'm going to be spending many middle-of-the-night hours with my butt in this chair, it was a pretty important piece to me!

I bought some AWESOME fabric at Fabric Place Basement in Natick and invited my Mom over to make me a cushion :)  [My sewing skills are good for straight lines and single panels, but the curve of a chair cushion, with room for padding, totally eluded me!]

Enter Mama and her awesomeness!

And then here comes the Caveat.... I don't have awesome "After" photos for you because.... we are both super special, and with all of our measure-twice-cut-once philosophy, we forgot to take note of what was the back and what was the front of the cushion when it was on the chair... and we made a fatal design oops!  So my awesome mama took it home with her to pull a repair job on it and I will have it all magically fixed and beautiful in a week or 2 to show you!!!  :-)

In the meantime I'll be throwing away the huge bag/box of trash you see sitting next to the rocking chair in that first picture, and hopefully getting a few other Fabric-projects going for this little nursery of ours.
We've also been doing some updates to other parts of the house (does it ever end?) so I may have those up for you soon too....maybe.....

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