Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreaming of Summer

I know that all of us here in the North East are pretty much done with winter. There's been more snow than we know what to do with, and we all want to be warm.
Well, in order to hold off frost-bite just a little bit longer I'm reminiscing about one day last summer...

I had just returned the day before from a week in Cancun with my family. We had to return to the airport at 10am after landing at 1am, because the airline left our luggage in Miami. Bryan came up that day and we went tax-free shopping and bought a digital camera and a hi-def tv. Then, after all this...we went to a concert.
The air was a little chilly, so we cozied up with our friends on a blanket and listened to Zac Brown Band for a few hours while watching all of the people around us who were silly enough to stand up on the lawn for 3 hours while we comfortably sat the entire time. lol

The day was very long, and I'm pretty sure that when we arrived home for the night, around 11:30 that evening, Bryan literally had to support my weight as I tried to walk...
but we had a lovely time, and it wasn't snowing!

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