Monday, February 13, 2012

The Gallery Wall update

A Gallery Wall is something that's going to evolve over time. That's the nature of it and I'm excited for it and it's progression.

Right now though, I think I'd say ours in the "growth" stage, and not yet at "evolution." Because now, if we have something we'd like to add to the wall, we add it without having to replace anything else, because there's still room for it to grow on the wall.

The first new addition to the wall is that top frame with the major glare in this photo. That used to be a silver frame that I used my new black paint to convert.

The picture in that frame is of me and my dad on a Father's Day fishing trip. I had hooked a Huge fish!! I had to get help pulling the rod because the fish was so powerful that I couldn't do it on my own. Just as the fish jumped out of the water and let us get a look at his massive size dad and I went to pull back on the rod, and the line snapped!!! Mom happened to snap a photo right at that moment, and our faces are in full shock in this photo.

The other new addition is below that one, and slightly to the right. This feature is my tribute to my Man and his Irish roots. I framed a picture of Guinness for him, and I'm pretty sure he'll love me forever for it :)

We're both on the wall and it will evolve with us!

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