Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project Alert

There's nothing that gives me as much instant gratification pleasure as good project. Something that is simple, not too expensive, and start-to-finish doesn't take too long.

This week, I've been amassing items that will be a part of our wedding come June. But there's still 4 months until that day (thank goodness, I have too much to do for it to be any closer yet!). So my dilemma is, what do I do with all of that stuff until then?

I saw a nice big basket at a store a couple weeks ago, but my Man took a page out my own book and talked me out of spending the $25 for a large basket. So yesterday I put my crafting hat on. I had this big box sitting around from an order of items from the engagement party back in November. I measured the space where I knew I wanted to put this project when it was done, and low and behold my box was too tall.

So I brought out the trusty Leatherman knife and trimmed the flaps of the box down, and then taped them up to get the most height out of it.

With my box now the right height, I got out my fabric. I had stopped at JoAnn Fabric on my way home from work and luckily my 1 1/4 yards was just the right size. I chose a fabric with a little bit of texture that matched the living room where it was going to live, but not too much pattern that it would look busy, because the whole point of this project is to hide the clutter.

My next step was to get out my trusty clips (seriously I use these things for everything, from bundling wires to keeping bags of chips closed, they're worth the $4 at Staples) and start wrapping my box.

Once I had it all wrapped and the fabric trimmed I got out my mighty-mend glue and glued the flaps and the overlapped corners. It wasn't perfect by any means, but I ended up with a well covered box that fit perfectly in the spot I wanted it in to hide all the schtuff that I'll be accumulating over the next 4 months.

I call this a project success!

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