Tuesday, April 17, 2012


No, the title of this post does not mean that I'm having work done before the wedding. ;)

What it does mean is that after over 2 years of living in this condo, we're finally getting around to thinking about how to make it "Ours."
There's one wall in the living room that's been painted since week 2. That room was the focal point of many a Housewarming Visitor and when the first few photos highlighted the yellow-ness of everything, I painted!

What that one wall failed to do, though I'm not sure how, was to clue me in on the fact that the rest of the house also had this problem of Yellow. When I woke up one particularly sleepy morning a few weeks ago and walked into the bathroom with my eyes still squinty, I realized how very yellow our bathroom was. not only were the walls in this room yellow, but the tile and counter-top had those hues as well...

Now I'm all for browns and warm colors, but this was pushing it even for me. So we discussed, brought home paint chips, compared, and ultimately bought a gallon of paint.

Now, I haven't painted a room, um... ever. That one wall in my living room, with 3 windows on it, so there's really not that much wall space (can be seen here) is the extent of my painting history. The one thing I absolutely knew how to do... prep the room.

Everything came off the counter, pictures came down nails pulled out of the walls, the shower curtain rod came down, and the bathmats were rolled up.

Then the real work began.
We taped off every edge that wasn't the ceiling, cut in around all edges & fixtures, and painstakingly got artsy with the door. I started the cutting-in while Mr. Man was at the gym, then he came home and took over while I rolled the walls.

After 2 days of taping, sanding, painting, drying, sanding, painting, drying, shopping for a new shower curtain, removing tape, vacuuming, mopping, and hanging up the new curtain...
We now live in this:

For a weekend's worth of work, it's definitely brightening our lives!
We each showered for the first time this morning in our new bathroom, and it was much less squinty! The blue adds a darker element to the bathroom, but the lighter shower curtain allows the light to come through.
It's only day 1 after completion, but we're happy!

Which room can we paint next?

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