Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I kind of realized recently that there were no Easter updates here in the Julie BlogShell, so I figured I'd fill in that blank before this very busy weekend ahead that I'm sure I'll have much to post about.
So, remember when Mr. Man's Dad gave us the Xbox Kinects for Christmas?  Well we made good use of this toy over Easter Weekend.  We were visiting my folks on Cape and definitely got our Kinects on!  I received  the bowling game for my birthday just a couple months ago and hadn't played that much, so we brought it with us and explored all aspects of that disc.

When the little cousins (forever to be referred to as FG = "Flower Girl" and RB = "Ring Bearer" from now on) arrived on Easter day, we decided this was the perfect way to occupy some time.  The whole family, and momentary visiting friends, joined in the fun.  We set records for number of pins down, how far below Par we could get, least number of darts thrown to certain score, and number of bubbles popped.

It was a good time all around.

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