Monday, May 7, 2012

Showers of Love! ~Friends~

It's time to give more Thanks!

There are so many ladies who had a part in my lovely day, but these 4, they took the cake!  Actually... I believe they bought the cake!  But either way, I'm very lucky to have them around me.

This picture is a preview of my Bridal party, and makes me smile every time I look at it just thinking about how much fun they made this day.  There were also incredibly generous gifts that I received from them, and will help the memories of this day last years and years to come.
Everyone hopes that as life goes on they don't lose touch with friends and connections don't fade away.  I have known these ladies for a combined 36 years... I think we're good :)

I'm also lucky to have so many people from different times in my life supporting me, and loving me, and celebrating with me.  My friend Liz definitely stands out for me in the photo below, as she traveled a whopping 2,045 miles to celebrate with me!  How did I get so lucky?

All of the ladies in this photo have played a special role in my life these past few years, and I am truly blessed to have them all to help guide my path as Mr. Man and I figure out this thing called "marriage."

And that brings me to the role models.  Each of the women in this photo have taught me something about life and love.  They are part of my Cape Cod family, and it's truly incredible to me that they take the time out of their busy lives to think of me and be a part of my day.

And just because it has to be said... one of these ladies is directly responsible for our little venue-switcheroo that we pulled just 5 months before the wedding!!  And so to her I say.... "Thank You!"

And there you have it, the part of the party that falls into the "family you get to choose" category.  And boy oh boy did I chose well!!

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