Monday, June 11, 2012

I Remember...

 I remember The day I got engaged.
I remember ordering breakfast sandwiches for the 4 of us before we went on a walk, I remember the annoyance I felt at having to go on this walk while my parents were preparing for a party at home and I wasn't there to help.  I remember the look on my mom's face when I arrived home after the walk and she was waiting for me.  I remember what I said on the phone when I called those who were to far away to tell in person.

 I remember trying to get a date to go Bridesmaid dress shopping with all of my girls at once.  I remember how great it was to have us all together and how many awful ugly dresses they tried on before finding anything we liked.  I remember how excited I was when they all came out of the dressing room with "the dress" on and were dancing even though there was no music.

I remember getting ready for my Bridal Shower, not knowing where I was going, what I'd be doing, or who I'd be doing it with, but knowing it would be special.  I remember what it felt like to walk into a room and know that everyone in that room was there for me, and to celebrate with me.

I remember how amazing my girls were at planning my Bachelorette party and keeping it a surprise until we walked through the door!  I remember how great it felt having all (well, most) of my favorite girls in one place, all having a great time together.

With all of these wonderful memories flooding me, I go into this Memory-Making week with a full and open heart.  This is going to be the most wonderful memory yet, and I can't believe it's only 5 days away.

Thank you to all who have filled my heart throughout this year.
Bryan, I can't wait to make more Memories with You!

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  1. Love you Julieeeeee!!!!!!
    I can't believe it's already been a year and it's almost here!!!!
    I've been so excited all week. See you FRIDAY!!!!!!! :-D