Monday, July 9, 2012

New & Improved!!

Sorry for being so MIA lately.. I've been a little preoccupied, you know, with getting Married, going on a honeymoon, coming back to work, and enjoying Summer!

Our wedding day was so incredibly wonderful I can't imagine there are words in the English language to describe it.  The calmest moment for me of the entire day, was being up on the alter with my Man as we recited our vows to each other.  If you've experienced it yourself you know what I mean, and if you haven't, I hope you do some day!

Our friends and family made us feel like royalty all day long.  It's truly a blessing to be able to have a day like this to celebrate with All of the people that we love.
I made an observation that still rings true while at our reception... Usually when I go to a wedding, I'm at a table with people that I know, and I want to be with them and we laugh and talk and probably dance together, and it's great, and I don't give too much thought to the other tables of people around me.  But at MY wedding, I wanted to be at every table, all night long, because I know and love everyone who was there.
It's a very impressive feeling.

See the people in this picture above, a.k.a. "The Bridal Party".....
They were amazing!  These 8 people, along with their significant others, took care of all of the unforeseen crap that comes up on a wedding day that you just don't know and can't possibly needing pushpins to hold down the aisle runner at the church, like my mom wanting to decorate our hotel room for when we got back after the reception, and like driving random grandparents from the church to the reception... They were amazing!!

And then there was a honeymoon...
This was also amazing, as not only was it my Man's first vacation ever that lasted more then 3 days, but we did everything that we wanted to do, we stayed in paradise, and we spent 8 solid days with no one but each other.  Although I was legitimately worried that we'd come home wanting a divorce.., we survived with flying colors and came home refreshed, tanned, and looking forward to the next 80 years together!!


  1. Julie I love your blog, your pics, your writing, your memories all in one place, forever. You're simply amazing! love your mother