Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Project for Baby

As you all know my best friend had a baby recently.  I have been very much enjoying making things for this new little "niece" of mine!  There have been quite a few Pinterest inspired happenings.
The first one was the "string of name" that you saw in a previous post.  Her mama and dada have since hung that up as part of their nursery corner decorations.

My favorite project though I think has to be awarded to the Mobile!
This is such a simple idea, though time consuming, and I'm already working on another one for another special baby in my life since I loved it so much!
First starting out with a template from Pinterest I traced and cut out all my needed circles and lay them out like the tutorial instructed. [sorry couldn't get the pic to turn in blogger land]

Then I painted a Dowl, and with hubby's help, cut it in half to create the perfect launch point for all of my strands.
I LOVE the way it looks from the adult view... I just hope Milana likes it as much as I do!!

"Man, getting awesome gifts from Auntie Julie is hard work!!"

btw: baby sleeping on my chest =  one of the best feelings in the world!

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