Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Begins

Hi, I'm back.....!

Apparently 2013 is going to be the year of accepting that I'm not a steady blogger, but enjoying posting when I can and sharing with the Web at large random things in the goings on of Julie's life in a blogshell!

2013 has started out with many a plans in the making and lots of time spent with friends.

Mr. Man and I have many goals for our first full calendar year as a married couple.  As with any real life situation, they range from the perfectly mundane, like needing to buy a new toaster & updating a lampshade, to the more extravagant and time consuming,  like wanting to travel to Italy and work towards paying off the car.  Well, as for those 4 things I just mentioned, 3 of the 4 can already be checked off the list!

The only one I have photographic evidence of for you is the new lampshade.  It sits in the corner of our living room on the lamp that we use every day whenever we're home, and it adds just enough detail to make me smile, but not be too busy.
The plain yellow-tinted shade that came with the lamp was really starting to bother me.

The other new item in this picture is the box wrapped in fabric.  I was inspired by the Young House Love book that's sitting on top of it to add some texture/pattern to the space, and the sample piece of fabric I had for another project fit the bill perfectly.  I'll use it for storage eventually as well, but for now it's just a fun detail for our living room.

Mr. Man went to the store the other day and got us a brand spankin' new Cuisinart 4 slice toaster.  We were even able to use some leftover gift cards from the wedding/shower last year, so that one was a gift-bonus.
and...We are going to Italy!!  The trip is officially booked, with deposits down and airlines already sending me "Notice of Changes" emails as our scheduled flights' departure times change by 2 minutes.
We will be in Italy for 11 days and traveling to many different cities.


2013, I already love you!

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