Friday, July 12, 2013

Friends Come to Visit

I am a huge fan of friends coming to visit, and this past Memorial Day Weekend I was honored with a visit from friends I hadn't seen since our wedding day, just about a year before.

Our morning was spent catching up on our year apart, then the afternoon we got to explore Provincetown.  Always a treat to spend time exploring the craziness of those streets and people watching out the windows of a local restaurant.

Lobster Rolls epitomized out Cape Cod day.

Me and this girl know each other because our moms went to college together, and man, am I so glad of that!

My Man of course had to show off his muscles a little bit by picking us both up at the same time to cap off our awesome day!

Thanks so much for visiting Nicole & Angela, I can't wait to return the favor and visit you next!!

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