Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reading in 2014

I think I tried this once before, but I figure it's worth doing again... A book list.
I don't read what I'd call 'a lot' but I read a fair amount, and I want to keep a list of all the books I read this year. I tried to do this in 2012, but didn't get very far.

Something you'll notice from my list, as I keep you updated here on the blog, is that is don't read a variety of genres.  I am a Mystery girl all the way, and I'm obsessed with Nora Roberts, and her alias, J. D. Robb.  In December I read her whole Bride Quartet series in less than 3 weeks.

My first book in 2014 was a J. D. Robb special, and part of the series that I've been reading for a couple years now. Every book has "In Death" in the title, and there are about 35 books in this series.  I have read 33 of them so far!  My first kindle purchase, with a Christmas Amazon gift card, was books 32 & 33.  After that many of these books, the characters are my friends, and when I don't read one for a while, I miss them.  'Calculated in Death' was or latest time spent together as friends, and as usual, I enjoyed every minute/page.

My latest read was a quickie, I finished it in under 2 days.  I got it for free from BookBub daily kindle book deals.  My mom heard about the site from a friend and I really like it.  Each day it sends me 4 books that are on sale for under $3 and 2 free ones.  This one was called Sparrow Migrations, by Cari Noga.  It's written about 4 people who were involved in the Miracle on the Hudson plane crash, either on the plane, or on one of the ferries that picked up the survivors after the plane went down. It was interesting to see how these 4 stories intertwined and how each of their very separate lives were impacted by that day, individually and as a whole.

I don't have any goal for myself as to how much I want to read this year. We have a house closing and selling a condo, along with 2 full time jobs and life in general to deal with, along with everyone else in the world of course, but it'll be great to just keep a running list of what I do manage to read and look back on it at the end of the year, hopefully with a sense of accomplishment.

Anyone have a favorite book they read and care to share? Can't promise I'll read it, but I like to know what others enjoy reading.

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