Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Progress is Being Made

Little by little we are settling in and enjoying the nooks and crannies of this new house of ours.

This past weekend the Crafting Closet got a make-over.  I hung a Towelbar on the wall to contain all Wrapping paper items. (which I am Very excited about!)
I also finally unwrapped all the goodies my Mom got me for a crafting extravaganza this Christmas.  All items have found spots on shelves. (can you spot the entire bin packed with balloons that will eventually be made into a Birthday Wreath...?)

We officially got our Fireplace cleaned, so this happened!  And we are in love with it.

 As we go through more and more boxes, unpacking the last of the straggling items, and picking up things we need along the way, we end up with Lots of Cardboard on Garbage day.
We are also finally purging the couch that Brody methodically tore apart and peed on in his efforts to demonstrate to us that he was not a fan...

All of these happenings in our home the past couple weeks are in an effort to prep ourselves and our house for our impending Housewarming Party this coming weekend!  We are excited to show off our house and this adorable face....

How can anyone say no to that...?

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