Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Storage Room

It's funny how you realize how many rooms are in a house when you have to clean & update & organize them all.
We are gearing up to host a friend for a visit this coming weekend, and also a housewarming party in a couple weeks, so I am more and more mindful of those hidden places where stuff has accumulated, or just hasn't been unpacked quite yet, and trying to tame them a bit.
I know, I know, we've only been in this house for 2 full weeks, everything isn't supposed to be "tame" yet, but we're obsessive like that, so whatever.  You'll all thank me when you come to the party :)

This room is in our basement, it leads to the little utility room with the Burner in it, and the doors are in the middle of the walls... so it's a little awkward to set up for maximum usage.
I started with a couple of minimalistic bookshelves my brother actually had lying around and offered to us:

Then of course came putting stuff on those bookshelves... and adding some College-era cubes to the mix for extra added DVD & Video game storage:

I threw a couple picture frames on there for added interest, and because I just plain don't have anywhere else to put them just yet.

Those bins you see stacked there to the left... those are part of the "Permanent Storage/Don't Know What to do With Yet" section:

(sorry for the blurry iPhone photo.  It was taken late last night as I finally stumbled to bed)

Honestly, even this crazy section of the house makes me happy.  We have room to Store stuff!
Behind that white door are 3 matching red Rubbermaid bins filled with all of our Christmas decorations.  They may end up in the Attic eventually, but they definitely fit in the "permanent storage" category of this room for now.
We also have a few other bins of camping-type supplies in there that will probably end up in the attic.  The stack you see with the cardboard box on top... that's the "Don't Know What to do With Yet" section!
 But hey, not too bad for only 15 days into owning this house.
The last piece of this room is this pile.....

It's All Cardboard and Packing Material!  I cannot wait to bring this to Recycle-Central on Saturday and officially reclaim this section of our floor.

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