Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life is Good

There are some moments in life when the world reveals how amazing it truely is and makes you stop and think about how incredibly small we are in the grand scheme of the universe. As I stepped out of Stop and Shop tonight on a relatively mundane task of buying groceries to make dinner for myself tonight I literally stopped in my tracks as I was overwhemed by the amazing Sunset in front of me. The array of colors in the sky put the saying "Red Sky at Night Sailor's Delight" in the forefront in my mind, and it only served to remind me that there is yet another delightful day ahead of me.

Hopefully this blog will grow to be an outlet for me to share with you the more delightful moments in my life.


  1. Watch out dear daughter, blogs may bring out the "corny" in those you'd rather not recognize it in! For you, dear girl, are the beautiful sunset of my days, every day. You bring me awe,just as this Stop & Shop sunset brought to you. I marvel in the amazing woman you have evolved into, from that tiny bundle of joy that came into our lives twenty four years ago. And I am peaceful, joyful, and proud. I am speechless (well not really) and grateful, so grateful for all the moments you have taken my breath away. I love you I love you ad infinitum. You are as beautiful as a sunset, through and through. God bless you every day and may I be the first to say...keep blogging! <3

  2. My Oh My, you definitely win the corny prize!

    Classic: "I am speechless (well not really)"

  3. Aunt Tracy said: i think your blog needs to include mommy's comments. the banter will be priceless. as for who will win the corny prize? the jury is still out.