Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween is Approaching

After the age of 13, my policy on Halloween has been to lock my door and avoid the hectic craziness that surrounds the streets, the people, and the general atmosphere. At college dorms Halloween was always a dangerous time, and after college it was filled with many drunken people on the roads with their eyesight hindered by a mask of some sort.

This year however, I am breaking my own mold and venturing out on Halloween. Not only am venturing out of the house, I'm venturing out of the Washington DC!! Maybe Obama can keep me safe on Halloween...ha!

Ashley and I are headed for an American History-filled weekend in our Nation's Capital and I couldn't be more excited! Short flight, great friend, free museums, a date with Jon Stewart and 10,000 of his closest friends, and a Friday off from work! What more can a girl ask for on Halloween?

I'm definitely in for a Treat! :-)

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