Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Weekend on the Cape

Sometimes it's nice to just hang out with someone that you love and do nothing all weekend, and this past weekend was one of those times for me.

Bryan and I did a lot of staying indoors out of the wind, cooking & eating good food, and just for good measure we threw in a few hours hanging out with a good friend. I was run down by the typical fall-time cold, and the weather on the Cape was not ideal for outdoor activities so there was a lot of time to just sit around and be cozy at home.

Sunday we did manage to make it to my parents' house. We made a really nice chicken salad for lunch and then watched the Jets game on the big screen. And thanks to the Morrises who were kind enough to lend us their oyster shucking knife, we had some lovely baked oysters for a half-time snack.

The highlight of our Sunday was definitely Chocolate Chip Cookies that I made from a new recipe. They were better than store-bought, and for being made by a Ferro, they came out pretty darn good.

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