Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Can't Count High Enough... tell you how many people were on the National Mall on Saturday! I can tell you that it was A LOT!! And I don't believe that I have ever seen so many people in one place.

So, while Ashley and I planned our trip many weeks before Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced that they were going to be joining us there, we went to their Rally anyway. In between all of our museum going, history fact discovering, and site seeing, we managed to participate in a Wave that took approximately 5 hours to get from the front of the crowd to the back.

All in all, Ashley and I had a great weekend in our Nation's Capital. Ashley got to see both of the American Meccas, the National Archives, and The American history Smithsonian. And I got to visit the major war memorials and tour Arlington Cemetery for the first time.

The thing about being in DC is that it makes me realize how much I really didn't pay attention in history class! And let me tell you, if you are like me and have had this feeling about DC on previous occasions, going with your History Teacher friend is not going to help this little complex!! Ashley impressed me with her history knowledge, while simultaneously creating in me the desire to buy out entire bookstores worth of history books in an attempt to catch up.

Here are a few images that aptly depict our weekend....

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