Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It was perfect! I don't know how it could have been any more perfect, and Bryan gets major brownie points for pulling it all off as wonderfully as he did!

The story...
During one of our evening phone calls, Bryan mentioned to me that we were going to be going on a walk the Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend. I fought the idea a little bit, because I knew that Memorial would be a really busy weekend, but then he told me that our friends Matt & Brielle were going to be going with us, and Matt was planning to propose to Brielle while we were on the dunes.
Matt is Bryan's best friend. He and Brielle purchased a Camera a few months ago, recommended it to us, and 3 weeks later, I bought the same camera. So I knew that it was very true that Matt would want pictures of their special moment.
We met up for a quick breakfast, put on our sneakers, consolidated into one car, and headed out for our 3 hour beach walk. Through the dunes, along the ocean in Truro, MA, the 4 of us walked almost an hour to get to Matt's chosen peak of a spot. I was privately very annoyed that Matt had chosen a spot so far down the beach, because the peak looked really far away, and walking in the soft sand, while pausing to pick ticks off of one another was not exactly my idea of a good time.
So we finally made it to the Peak, and Bry told me that we were going to go ahead and take pictures from in front of them, so I took out the camera as I was walking, and tried to be inconspicuous while taking pictures of Matt & Brielle, while they were also trying to be inconspicuous taking pictures of me!
After a few seconds, and just before I was starting to wonder why on Earth Matt wasn't rummaging in his pocket for some kind of ring, Bryan tapped me on the shoulder...
When I turned around, he had a ring box in his hand and was getting down on one knee!!
I was SO shocked, I had to replay in my head the words that he actually said before I realized that it was me being proposed to!
I believe my exact words were, "Oh My God, Oh My God, Seriously? YES!!"

He stood up and I proceeded to hug and kiss him and not let go (which is good, because I probably would have fallen off the dune if I did) until he finally pushed me away and said "well, take the ring already!"

The ring is nothing that I would have picked out for myself, but I love it more than I ever could have imagined! The 5 stones are a combination of his family's and mine, so we are truly combined in this wonderful symbol.
I didn't think it was going to be possible for Bryan to truly surprise me with a proposal, but he came up with the perfect decoy, and he had me fooled all the way until he was down on his knee.

Thank you Babe for a perfect beginning to the rest of our lives!
I love you!