Monday, June 20, 2011

Music City

I Love Country Music!

Bryan and I were fortunate enough to be surrounded by fellow country music lovers in Nashville, TN last weekend.

The atmosphere is one of camaraderie and one shared interest. Everyone is there to see country music stars. Everyone is there to learn more about country music. And everyone is there to share these interests with everyone else. Everyone is also there with sunscreen on! Because let me tell you, that all those CountryFest blogs that I read before going on this trip, they were totally right! It was 95 degrees and sunny and humid and HOT every day that we were there.

The convention center provided a lovely air conditioned escape for us mid-day. And though we were not among those who lines up outside the doors for autographs the night before!!! We did snap a couple of photos while other guests were meeting & greeting some of the artists.

Then came the night! At LP Field, we experienced 3 of the best concert line-ups ever. The energy levels were up, the excitement was tangible, and each and every performer knew how much we loved them! Trace Adkins made a particular impression on me as he got quite emotional when thanking his fans for all of the donations and support that he has received since his house was demolished by fire only one week before the Festival. He also encouraged people to turn their acts of charity elsewhere since he and his family are doing just fine. A great man!

All in all it was a wonderful trip filled with music and day-time-must-get-out-of-this-heat naps. Bryan and I successfully navigated our way through the crowds to a great get-away, and coming back to the real world on Monday was a real shock for both of our systems.

Having that nice diamond ring on my finger did cushion the blow a bit though ;)

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