Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Aunt Vicki's here!! For a whole week!! Visiting Wellfleet, and enjoying what we call Summer!

This weekend I was able to get a little bit of everything that makes the Cape wonderful. Saturday night an outdoor BBQ with friends was so good that I'm pretty sure I ate enough food to feed 3 people.

Sunday was perfect. Bryan and I were able to start the day together at the range, and spend an amazing day out on the boat with the whole family together. The cool breeze, the amazingly warm water, the hot sun, and of course ice cold beverages...it was a perfect day.

So perfect in fact...that I decided I wanted more of it and ended up taking a last minute vacation day for Monday, and spending perfect day #3 in Wellfleet, on the boat with my family, talking about the wedding, and planning, and what we're all going to wear.

The most amazing part of Monday and me being at home for that extra day was that I was able to be home with my brother when he found out that he GOT THE JOB!!!! My brother is going to be working for a company based in Providence RI. We are SO incredibly excited and happy for him. He deserves it.

Thank you Cape Cod, thank you Sunshine, thank you Boat, thank you Mom, Dad, Aunt Vicki, and Johnny, and thank you Bryan, for a wonderful weekend with all the people and things that I love!

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