Sunday, October 2, 2011


This post is a little overdue, but oh well... Better late than never right?
[Champagne was a lovely "Happy Engagement" touch provided by our friends, we're really not having it celebrate our first camping trip, I swear!]

It was our first experience camping together! I'm not quite sure how we made it this long without him dragging me going camping, considering Bryan often sleeps outside in November with nothing more than his sleeping bag just for the heck of it.

This was a special sort of camping trip for a few reasons.
First and foremost, it was Bryan's Birthday, so we had to do something special. I'm not going to reveal his age, but being on this Earth for a quarter century is something to be celebrated for sure :)
Second, it was Matt's Birthday too. (He's the one holding the bottle of beer soda front and center there) Matt is going to be the Best Man at our wedding next year, so this is the first of many celebrations together to come.
Third, (I warned you there were a few reasons here) both Bryan and Matt are planning major changes in their lives within 2 weeks of this camping trip. Both men are moving away from their hometowns, with their respective Fiancees, and leaving behind the job where they have worked together for many years.

It's the end of an Era, and a start of a new one...for all of us.

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