Monday, October 17, 2011

Trash Bash & OysterFest

I warned you that there would be an interesting combination of events happening this weekend for Bryan and I, and it was just that.
Friday night we enjoyed "Trash Bash" with many friends. For both of us it was a type of reunion weekend, Bry saw many previous co-workers and friends, and I saw pretty much everyone I've ever known on Cape. lol

The night was complete with friends, artificial tattoos, beer, and a Trash Bash classic, the Dunk Tank!

All current employees were good sports and went into the tank. This was the first year in 6 that I did not have to endure a very cold, wet hug from a dripping Bryan! It was quite nice.

Later that night our friends arrived and after a 2:30am chatting and catch-up session, we managed to wake up and eat Oysters!! It was awesome to have Mr. & Mrs. Super visiting this weekend to share with us the insanity that is Oysterfest in Wellfleet every year. You can read about the festival here.

My Dad cooks Oyster all day long for a friend's seafood shop, my mom (and visiting aunt) served Beer in the beer-tent for 2 hours each day, my Brother stands sentinel and drinks like a champ all weekend while the 4 of us walked around and spent money on a lot of really good seafood.

Please note my awesome necklace in the photo above...hopefully I can convince the very talented artist to sell them at next year's Festivities!

Just to leave you with the image of what "Crowded" means to Wellfleetians in October, here's the aerial view of what you get to experience if you come join us next year!

Thanks everyone for coming, another memorable year for sure!
See you all same time next year!

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