Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Up North

There are a lot of different environments in our great country. From the desert to the mountains, beaches to forests, and snow caps to valleys. This past weekend I had the chance to see another part of the country from the perspective of someone who lives there, and another who wants to.

The surroundings sure are breath-taking, you can't deny that.

The first day out there my man brought me to this famous overlook spot where we indulged in a couple Vermont trinkets as well as plenty of photos.

In addition to the Vermont natural view, I got to see what the Man has been working towards these past few weeks at their construction yard. All the wood you see was harvested from old barns, and is gonig to be sold or crafted into amazing things.

We have the first project in the works with the very piece of wood that is being sawed from the whole in this photo.

And of course a trip into the boonies isn't complete without a couple of hours spent at a shooting range where this man put several rounds in a row into the target 300 yards away.

It was definitely a lovely weekend.

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