Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm addicted!

I'm new to the site, but I'm totally addicted to all of the fun crafts and ideas on here. So many different People coming together to share inspiration and ideas. I admit that I'm not fully versed in how all the different areas of inspiration work, I stick mostly to the Crafty areas, but I'm loving it just for that. Check it out here and you'll be addicted soon too!

I was introduced to Pinterest through a famous blogger that I stumbled across one day and have been glad to jump on their bandwagon. Sherry & John have certainly given me inspiration in many ways, if not just in the way that they are able to work together on all of these projects and raise their little girl together.

This week Sherry and a few fellow bloggers launched a Challenge to their readers to pick something that they "pinned" on Pinterest and re-create it in their own ways. They called it their:

They also did a summer edition a few months ago but I was a Pinterest virgin at that point and did not understand that this was AWESOME!

So this time around I joined in. My main project I actually can't share because it's sort of planned as a Christmas Gift for a certain very crafty person I happen to know will read this post, but I will definitely share project #2. This inspiration came from here, and had my attention right away. It's so simple, yet can have any variation to fit your personal style.

I started at the neck of each bottle using the slant of the bottle to help keep the yarn tight together, and then was sure to tack the yarn with hot glue at regular intervals so that the yarn wouldn't be able to shift and bunch leaving parts of the bottle exposed.

Here is my version below. They are currently sitting on the window ledge between my Kitchen and Dining room. I'm seriously hoping that this decoration keeps me from piling all of my junk on this ledge on a daily basis.

Here's a closer version of the Mason Jar option.

As you can tell, the bottom was a little difficult because the slant was downward, enticing my yarn to separate from the strand above it. This was the first bottle I did though, so I wasn't too hard on myself :)

Have you done any fun craft projects inspired by a picture you saw online recently?

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