Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I don't know how it happened, I really don't. Did anyone else know this was coming? I must have slept through the past couple weeks, or been under a rock or something but...
It's November!!

I swear it comes quicker every year. It seems like just yesterday my Man was down on one knee and we were looking forward to a lot of summer fun together. Now summer's very much over, the Man has started a business of his own, moved off-Cape to VT (sort-of), the wedding planning is in full swing, and this is what I see out my window:

I do NOT remember giving Mother Nature permission to snow on me last Saturday night, but luckily I was holed up in my house all day so I didn't have to endure anything but the remnants the next day.

Why did I not just stay inside all weekend? That's something I asked myself many times, considering I would have loved to continue watching all of the movies in my DVD case instead.
The reason I ventured outside was because my planned Sunday afternoon activity was totally worth it:

Birthday Party/Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!

I sure do love Hannah's face in this photo! Her brother (aka Birthday Boy) gave up on his pumpkin pretty quickly, so my Aunt ended up (just like always) carving theirs herself, but I wouldn't let Hannah get away that easy.

All this while, my Uncle was outside setting up the uber-creepy zombie man-child outside to scare the kiddies for Halloween. What does this mean to our pumpkin carving? It means that as soon as they were finished they were used as part of the outside ambiance, and therefore did not get photographed in all of their carved glory...

Oh well, you can't capture everything on film.
Oh My God did I really just say that!?!?!

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