Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend Chronology

Life is short! I try very hard to live my life one day at a time and not wish the weeks away by just looking forward to the Friday each week...
...but how can you not wish for the weekends when they are this much fun!?!?

This weekend began with some family fun belatedly using My Man and My Dad's combined Groupon Birthday gifts from September. We went to F1 Boston Race tracks and sped our way around this winding track for 18 laps! (Mom played photographer from the Pit area.)

Those 18 laps went quick, but we had a great time.
[and yes, that's me in the kiddie size suit, so I didn't get the cool black highlights.]

Then we migrated about 1 mile to the left where a new Dave & Busters location has just opened in Braintree. We ate dinner and then partook in some wonderful arcade games of course. Mom managed to solve many-a Wheel of Fortune puzzle and earned us 1900 tickets to purchase crap with :) It was a very successful evening.
The next night was filled with friends and the first Christmas Gift exchanges of the season. We hosted a small party and had a great time drinking wine and toasting to the holiday season.

And the weekend isn't over yet!
Sunday my Man's dad came for an impromptu visit, and brought along his gift to the two of us... Xbox Kinect! We spent the rest of the afternoon moving the furniture out of the living room and playing games. It wasn't exactly a relaxing finish to the weekend, but it was definitely worth every ounce of energy.
Thanks to everyone who was a part of our weekend, it was a great one.

Next weekend is sure to be a "Friday Wisher" too. Having my man working local and home each night should help me enjoy the Monday through Friday more than usual though :)

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