Friday, December 23, 2011

And So It Begins...

Christmas comes early for me every year!

No I don't mean that it sneaks up on me and I'm not ready for it (though that happens too) but that Christmas actually Comes Early. Because all of our extended family is in Brooklyn NY, every year, since I was born, that is where I have spent Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
This year is no different.
So in order avoid carting all of our gifts to each other all the way down to NY, (in a vehicle that would surely not be able to handle the added load) just to bring it all back to MA with us after the holiday, we exchange gives Cape-side a week before that actual day.

This has been the definition of Christmas for me for my whole life and I've really come to love it. But you know what that means... I've already had one Christmas!

My Man and I exchanged our gifts to each other last Friday, I made a scrumptious dinner from my new Rachel Ray cookbook, that was given to me last weekend by a lovely lady, we played with our New Xbox Kinects games, and had a wonderful evening.

Saturday morning brought a little bit of unexpected Christmas when we found out that on our way to the Cape we'd be able to pick up my Man's truck, which had sadly been out of commission since the weekend before Thanksgiving!

Once we had both vehicles again, we started our Santa Delivery route to Family and Friends along the way to my folks'.

Mr. Man's grandparents were enthralled with the yarn wrapped frame I made for them with a picture of all of us from the Engagement Party already installed.

After our Santa sleigh route we continued on to the Folks' place where we spent all of Saturday afternoon baking and cooking and anticipating the morning's gift-opening extravaganza!

Way back a couple months ago I mentioned an art project that I created inspired through Pinterest. Well, since Christmas came early for me and my family, the Christmas reveal can come early for you as well.
Inspired from here I put my own spin on a very creative wall hanging. And as my brother pointed out, "uh... You missed one!" However, in that little empty spot is a lowercase rubber stamped "f" to represent our last name. (though my name will be changing next year, so it kind of adds to the specialness of it.)

My Mom was thrilled with the crafty gift (she says it's about time, almost 26 years later and her craftiness has finally rubbed off) and I'm sure I will play "find the wall hanging" next time I'm at the house.

Well, that was phase one of Christmas, and there's much more to come. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends.
Merry Christmas!

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