Tuesday, October 16, 2012


No, I'm not pregnant!
But, it seems like everyone around me is!  And I'm thoroughly enjoying basking in their excitement and filling up my days and nights with coos and baby smiles.

Sunday, October 7th, one of my bridesmaids had a beautiful baby girl!!  Her name is Milana! And I love her!  She is the perfect little gem, and I'm happy to welcome her into the world via cyber-space.  Which let's face it, is going to play an even bigger part of her life than is has in my generation.

Hmmm, generation...that word has taken on whole new meaning to me now that I feel like there's officially a generation that's younger than me!  This baby will not have lived through September 11th.  She won't ever (most likely) see $2 on a gas pump.  She will never know what it was like to not have the internet.

Yea, life is weird.  But I'm so happy to be sharing in hers :)

(Please ignore the crazy hairdo...it was a long day!)
(Oh no one was looking at me because Milana is so cute!  ok then, that's  good.)

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