Friday, October 5, 2012

Mini Post-Wedding Project

Can I just say...I wish it was my wedding again!!

Our wedding day was Amazing!  There were so many people from all corners of our lives that came out to celebrate with us.  I wish I could remember every second, every conversation, every facial expression, and every hug.  Alas, my memory's not quite that good, so I rely on the collective memories of those around me, and of course, all of the photos!

One thing that I have to concretely remember everyone who was there, are the cards.  The cards that people are generous and thoughtful enough to bring for us on our Wedding day.  But what do you do with these cards once the wedding's over, you've gone through them all, and sent out all of the thank you notes?  These cards, some with just a simple "congratulations" and some with heartfelt words written on every inch...what do you do with these now that the wedding is over?

Well we all know I wasn't going to throw them away!  So I went to my friend Pinterest!  Anyone heard of her?  She's got so many Amazing ideas, I figured she had to have something to help me.  And low and behold I found a simple picture here and had my inspiration!

One trip to AC Moore and an hour later I had this:

I have plans for where this is going to live, and don't worry babe, I already have a spot on the wall I've been saving for it.  This little mini project is going to combine on the wall with another wedding memento project...but that one deserves it's own post, so stay in touch.

I promise I won't go MIA for the next 2 months if you won't :)

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