Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a Few of My Favorite Things

Anyone who is reading this blog knows that among other things, I love my friends, I love babies, and I love to cook!
The only thing I love more than these things is getting to put them all together!!!
This past week, I got to do just that.  In thanks for a friend breaking her Med-School-Board-Exam-Social-Hiatus so that I could come over and hang out with her and Milana, I promised to bring dinner to her.
I searched the good old internet for a good idea as to what would be a good meal to "bring to someone" and came up with this site:
I chose the Chicken & Dumplings, since it was new to me, and sounded yummy and filling.

I had never made anything like this, and the Dumpling part felt a little too close to baking for my liking, but boiling them in chicken broth, and then roasting a chicken from scratch and putting the meat into the chicken and dumplings, the final result was quite delicious.

Now tell me that this is not the face of a girl who's thrilled that I brought her mama & dada a warm hearty meal...

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