Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chicken, a Yummy Way!

My Bon Appetite cookbook has been getting SO much use these past few days.  I have to say though, this latest choice has taken first place so far.

I've actually been highlighting the recipes as I've made them so that I know I've done that one, and when I'm looking for a no-thought choice of what to make, I'll know which ones I've already deemed as "yummy"!

This was a simple Chicken Braising recipe.  I'm a definite sucker for anything that says Braising in the title.
The recipe went something like this:
Sear chicken thighs in pan with salt & pepper in both sides, then put aside and cook onion, parsley, & garlic, then add chicken, green peppers, diced tomatoes, and white wine to simmer for a half hour.... that's it!!
The chicken was so incredibly tender, we didn't even need knives.

 It got a thumbs up from my main audience :)
I served it all on top of a bed of wilted Kale, and we walked away from the table totally stuffed!

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