Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Living Room

The best part of the house, and the most used areas.  Pictures of this portion of the house are what caused us to request a showing in the first place.
Our furniture is a little dwarfed in the space, but time will fix that...

(Yes, Brody has 2 blankets in the living-room, yet he is lying on the floor!)

(Really want to update that light fixture over the Front door.... eventually)

The previous owners had a wooden hutch in front of the bottom half of that super-tall window, so when we saw the house we didn't know it went floor to ceiling... that was a nice surprise in our final walk-through.

There's still lots to do, Trim to paint, curtains to buy/make, and more furniture to purchase, but so far it's feeling pretty much like Home :)

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