Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Office

The Office/Craft-Room is going to get a lot of use as I create anything & everything that strikes my fancy for this new house of ours.  I'm excited to get it organized and make it functional for all the future creativity.

This bottom of this closet is useless due to the stairs under it, but that doesn't mean it needed to have 2 paintbrush-strokes worth of paint and then be ignored!  No closet deserves that.  Then there were the raw wood shelves constructed in there, but they were never finished off or painted, so it looks very ad-hoc and rough.

Paint and some cozy photo albums make this into a functional & pretty closet:

(Please ignore the wire-basket microwave cart currently housing many things I have no idea what to do with)

This room is still a work in progress and needs lots of organization tricks and tools, but it's nice to know that it's getting closer.  This table is a catch-all right now, but I promise you there are upgrades in this room's future.

This bookshelf is supply central, and will gain more tools of the trade as I stock up from Michael's and Walmart.

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