Tuesday, April 1, 2014


There are so many DIY sites and blogs out there, and I will be the first to admit: I'm hooked!!
When I see someone else make something totally awesome for $15 worth of supplies that I just purchased at a store for $30, I get really mad!!!

So I decided that Curtains in our new house weren't going to be one of those things for me!
Step 1: Borrow my mom's sewing machine!  (there is definitely one of my own in my future, but just not quite yet)
Step 2: Buy Fabric. I purchased a Groupon to a local fabric basement store, so pretty much got it all for 50% off!

Step 3: Figure out how to make a valance curtain and start sewing!!
Step 4: Hang it on the curtain rod and realize that I missed a very vital line of stitching that would Keep the curtain on the rod...
Step 5: Fix that problem
Step 6: Hang curtain, admire curtain, call husband over to admire curtain!

 Step 7: Post Before & After pictures on the Blog!!

I'm in love with the fact that I lined the back with white fabric so it looks professional from outside the window, and the light doesn't come straight through it screaming "this is a homemade curtain"
All in all, this was a complete success, and I may or may-not have already lost at least 30 minutes of my life staring at my creation!

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