Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's That Time of Year!

Ok, so I know that the holiday season is busy every year, but I think that this year has topped all of my previous ones on the busy-meter.
Last week:
Tuesday night: Food shopping for 2 hours to supply my house for a party planned for Friday.

Wednesday: drove 45 minutes north to have dinner with a friend in Billerica MA. A dinner might I mention, that lasted 4 hours through chatting and pictures and occasionally a bite of food, and that didn't get me home until 11 that night.

Thursday: The Company Holiday party at Smith & Wollensky's in Boston! The steak at this shindig was worth the traffic to get there, and the camaraderie was priceless, but it was nonetheless another late night out.

Friday: The day of previously mentioned party. Bryan and I spent the early evening preparing everything and cleaning the house and the fun didn't stop until 1am!

Saturday morning: Into Boston to see the Rockettes!!! (Which was amazing by the way) and then home to pack up half of our lives and head to the cape for Christmas!

Sunday morning!: Presents and then all day playing with those presents and Watching the Jets game! Then inevitably Sunday night held a drive back to Boston in the snow.

Monday: Unpack/straighten/laundry/re-pack night, because...

Tuesday: Go to work, stay late for our company Yankee swap, and then drive 4 hours to Brooklyn NY for more Holiday fun!!

You know what the craziest part of this whole scenario is...?
I wouldn't change a thing!! :)

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