Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reality Check

There are quite a few times in everyone's lives where I think a Reality Check comes into play. After a vacation is definitely one of those times for me, especially a tropical relaxing vacation.

First let me start by saying that Cancun was Awesome!! Bryan and I had a great time laying in the sun, drinking from our personal insulated mugs, and playing in the ocean waves. We took time out of our busy relaxing schedule on Saturday to take a ride on ATVs and go Jet Skiing! And as part of my totally planned and perfectly executed plan **cough cough** to leave my mark on Cancun, I made sure to crash really hard into a tree with my ATV! So there Cancun!
Although this little project of mine did cause Bryan to have a small heart attack when he realized that I was no longer behind him riding, I am fine, and that tree will forever remember me, so mission accomplished! :)
We had perfect weather of clear skies and 80 degrees for both Saturday and Sunday, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Ok, so that will bring me to the reality check part, which usually hits hard when you return home! We were in such a state of bliss all weekend, that coming back to the land of time and airports and finding that our connecting flight in Baltimore was Delayed over an hour was the first wake-up call. The second was when we realized that even though we are now getting home an hour and a half later than planned, we still have to go to work the next day at the same time. But the real kicker came when we stepped off that plane and Boston was at a clear and crisp 28 DEGREES at 11:45pm that night!

The moral of the story here is that our vacation was awesome, and even though coming back to a shell-shocking temperature was not the optimal finish to the weekend, it was totally worth it.

Now that we have this amazing memory in our banks, it is time to look forward to the holiday season of parties and Yankee swaps and exchanging presents. I can't believe it's that time of year already, but I'm excited nonetheless.