Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year

So much has happened in the past 2 weeks, between the holidays with Family, traveling to NY, visiting with friends, and projects around the house, this was not a "sleep-in-every-day" time of year.
I promise to have all kinds of updates for you as I get the photos going and organized, but I thought that for the new year's first post, I'd share a new project.

As some of you know, my Man and I are just now settling in to the idea of living together after 7-ish years of doing the weekend-only thing somewhat long distance. These past few weeks of being together in the house have sparked some "what can we do to make this 'Ours'" conversations.
This first thing that came up was apparently something that we'd both been thinking about and hadn't said out loud yet...
A Gallery Wall

It's no secret that I'm quite obsessed with photos, taking them, printing them, sharing them, and now with this blog, posting them. The secret in our household is that the Man does too! He's more into the candid and nature shots, while I like those with people in them, but we have a pretty good mix of both and appreciation for all photos around here.

There were a couple of steps to this Gallery Wall idea before it could totally come to fruition, like buying a couple of frames, black, to frame art & photos that we already had around the house, and laying out the spacing for all these frames before putting a bunch of holes in the wall. but in the end I think we ended up with something pretty special.
I'm sure this gallery of ours will evolve over time, but for now, we're loving it.

First we started with a pile of frames, all in the "black" family to give the gallery a sense of belonging.

Then came the newspaper cut-outs taped to the wall with holes in them where the nails needed to go for each frame to get the spacing right.

And last but not least, actually hanging each frame on the wall.
This was a very fun project!!

left to right top:
  • 4 Disney figures purchased over Christmas at Amazing Savings in Brooklyn that I mounted in a shadow box
  • Greeting card from a friend, framed
  • Frame we received for Christmas has a picture of us on the beach from the fall with quote on the frame that says "live for love"
  • Art Frame with the letters LOVE
  • Mirror from IKEA, of which there used to be 5 hanging on this wall
  • (all the way to the right) a photo of the moment Mr. Man proposed, and signatures and well-wishes from all those that attended our engagement party
left to right bottom:
  • Flyer for the play Wicked (my all-time favorite)
  • 4 Photos of Mr. Man's Family and Friends from growing up
  • Another greeting card, 3 flowers
  • Photo from my Dad's birthday a few years ago
So...What do you think?

This isn't the only project we've undertaken since 2012 has begun, and hopefully this year will be full of fun projects. I'll be back soon with posts about our holiday escapades.
Happy 2012 Everyone!

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