Friday, March 2, 2012

Cooking Extravaganza

A couple months ago, I went home to visit with the folks and ended up making dinner for us all. This is definitely my favorite go-to meal that always comes out well, so I figured it couldn't go wrong as a crowd pleaser either.

The next time I went home to visit, my vegetarian aunt was also visiting (making a table out of a window frame of course) so mom had to show up my cooking :) lol, just kidding mom.

We heard about an Apple-Cucumber soup at a restaurant and decided to emulate and get a recipe for it for dinner the following night. The soup was so different, but it came out really really yummy.

The most recent cooking coup took place here in our very own kitchen in Boston. I stumbled upon 6 recipe cards for $0.50 at Job Lot, and one of them was a Chinese steak dish. I followed the recipe to make the orange sauce with ginger, and the spinach wilted very nicely into the bed of white rice. Using the leftover orange to decorate the beautiful platter that a friend gave me for Christmas, this meal was full of flavors that I couldn't believe I put together.

Thank you to the Folks for letting me cook, and to Mom & Aunt from being adventurous and to my Man for trying all of the random recipes I put on the table in front of him. :)

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