Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Tasks

So I don't know what you all do with your weekends, but for us it tends to be a time to get things done that we just don't have the energy to do during the week. Usually we're pretty good with keeping up with things like laundry and the dishes, but the bigger stuff waits until those days that start with "S."

This week, our big issue was the Fridge! We've been having trouble for the past 3-4 weeks with it not staying cold, and all the yummy food that I plan to cook/have for leftover-lunches, is going bad before we get a chance to eat/cook them. And you know how much I love to cook, so that was not acceptable.

This weekend we decided it was finally time to dig in deep.

We started the morning by taking everything out of the freezer, putting it into a cooler, removing the ice maker from the wall, and pulling off the back panel. It wasn't easy in such an awkward space, but Mr. Man made it happen.

Through trial and error we discovered that it wasn't a leak in the ice maker, it wasn't a problem with the cooling coils...we discovered a fan that wasn't turning! That created a serious circulation issue, so cold air wasn't making it out from behind that back panel.

With the problem discovered, we pulled a part number, and ordered a new one online. Hopefully our awesome powers of deduction came to the right conclusion and when the new fan motor arrives in a few days we will once again have frozen eggos and cold milk!

Hopefully your weekends were successful in your own ways.

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