Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Anyone who has planned a wedding knows...there's a lot of Stuff involved. Over the past few weeks especially, I've been making small purchases each week so I don't get hit with a huge credit card bill all at once when the wedding is closer.

The side effect of that is that I have to store all of these purchases until the wedding day. Most of the items building in my piles are gifts of one sort or another, envelopes and stamps for invitations, and paper for wedding programs. Which I guess means, that I'll be giving most of these items away when the time comes.

Is there such thing as post-wedding depression? If there is, I'm pretty sure I'll have it when I get home from the honeymoon and find these piles gone...

I certainly enjoy amassing these items for the time being. I get that little pitter-patter in my heart every time a package comes to the door. So, for now, I will enjoy the piles and purchasing each and every one of them.

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