Monday, May 12, 2014

Door Makeover

Have you ever wanted to paint a room, or a wall, or a cabinet... and you know you want to paint it, but you're not sure what color would look best.  So you go to the hardware store and grab a couple paint chips to hold up against that spot.  Then you narrow it down to 2 or 3 colors, so you grab a test-pot of those colors and paint a patch of each on that wall, then you finally choose a color and get to painting....?
Anyone have that experience?
Because I sure didn't!!!

This door in the Laundry room was white... kind of....

It was trying to be white, but like many things in this house, it was done poorly by the previous owners.  You can even see in this crappy iPhone photo that the area by the locks only got one coat of white way back when.  That's not dirt, it's a crappy paint job.

 From the first week of living in this house this little voice in my head has been saying "Why isn't that door painted Red?!!?"

There was no thinking about colors, Paint chips, or paint swatches.  I went to Lowes, grabbed a test pot of pain (Hoping that would be all I would need), and painted that door.  After 2 coats it was starting to look as magical as I knew it could be.

The third coat and a day of drying, and I'm in Love!

I am so happy to have this door painted Red, you have no idea!  I'm also happy that it didn't require going through the full scenario from above.  (Though I have other painting plans that will be more like that first scenario just waiting in the wings :)

Have you ever painted a Door? Had a hard time deciding on a paint color? Think I'm crazy for choosing red?

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