Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hang It Up

Another update from my weekend loot:

I do love when one shopping trip can provide so many updates.  It helps to make it feel like we're really making our mark on this place, making it our own, and adding our personality to it all at the same time.

Let me back up a quick step before I tell you about the next one...
I got started into blogging when I stumbled upon Young House Love blog.  They are an amazing couple who blogs together.  I've mentioned them a few times already on this blog of mine, but this time I mention them because they designed a line of merchandise..., and I bought a piece of it!

The little box to the right in the above photo, in front of the plastic door knob case, that's it!  It's a Picture hanger designed by Young House Love that I bought at Target!

I have this amazing shadow box full of our wedding story that has been sitting in storage since we moved into this house of ours.  When I read about John & Sherry's line and that it included a hanging knob for just this very purpose, I was excited!
It was super easy to install, and worked great to add interest to my already interesting piece when I hung it on the wall, instead of just having a screw or ugly gold picture hanging hook above our wedding box.  This shadow box was hand crafted by my Dad specifically for us to display all the little memories from our Wedding Journey, and it finally has a rightful place in our House.

Thanks again Dad for making us such a wonderful and personal piece, and thanks to Young House Love for the inspiration and interest-added to my wall!  This is literally the Only thing hung on all the walls downstairs (besides in the man-cave) and I love it!

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