Monday, May 19, 2014

Pinterest Inspired

This was a quick update... took me about 3 minutes.... Once I found the loops!!

Ok let me back up a bit.
I own scarves!  I have started to use scarves as a fashion piece and not just to keep me warm during our New England Winters, so I have more "decorative/delicate" scarves than I ever have before.  They are also relatively new to me, so they're not totally ingrained in my head as to what exactly I have.  So I needed a way to see them easily so I can readily choose the appropriate one for daily outfits.

This hook situation inside the closet..

...just wasn't working for me.

I saw on Pinterest someone had used Shower curtain loops on a hanger to organize their scarves and make them easily accessible.
The kicker to this story is that I knew I had those hooks somewhere, wasn't using them on a shower curtain, they're still in the box... but I couldn't find them... even in the Move!

The one Saturday morning, they Appeared to me!

I stopped what I was doing and dove into this 3 minute project.

Take Loops out of box
Put hooks on Hanger and click closed
Feed scarves through Loops
Hang Hanger

Super easy and oh so satisfying!!

Full access to Scarves and Closet where scarves previously impeded.

Gotta love a 3 minute FREE project!

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