Monday, May 5, 2014

Little Updates

They say life isn't a destination, it's a journey... well, I feel like our house is also a journey.  We have been living here just over 2 months, and patterns have started to emerge.
I've heard people say that you should live in a new place for a few months before making any larger changes, and I 100% agree with that.
2 1/2 months in this house have showed us where the dust (i.e. dog hair) collect.  We know where we end up throwing our clothes (i.e. not always in the hamper).  We have discovered the paper-collection areas that we didn't necessarily want to have that title.  We know how much easier life is when we have the Dustbuster nearby, and we know which doors we use the most.
These little facts about our house and how we live in it help us to make better long-term decisions about how we live here long term.

This past weekend I did a "little" shopping and a couple "little" projects.  By "little" I mean that I literally bought Little things that would make the most difference for us.  The most Bang for our Buck, if you will.

Here's a picture of the loot from my trip...
(don't mind the mess in the background)

Some not-exactly-for-the-house doggy treats snuck into my basket... but we'll just ignore those for now :)

On the left, you can see a carpet rolled up.  This carpet now lives in front of my stove, and makes cooking for any length of time a much more enjoyable task now that there's some cushion under my toesies.
(Don't worry, I centered it on the cabinets right after taking this picture.  Just forgot to re-take it!)

The next Item from my shopping trip that I opened up was those blue scissors!  They are my new kitchen scissors and are totally awesome in my all black-handled knife block.
Why did I need new kitchen scissors you ask?  well, I have a dog, and he apparently really enjoys the soft rubbery handles of kitchen scissors.  So my black-handled matching nice kitchen scissors are no longer a part of the family, so this happy blue pair steps in to fill the void for a whopping $2.50!

That tray there found a home on top of our microwave to hide some of our paper collections that seem to congregate there even when there wasn't a bin.  So now we have a pretty bin, and it looks like they're supposed to be there.

The "littlest" project of the weekend was an un-screw, then re-screw project.  Remember that craft closet, with the awesome new wrapping paper holding towel bar in the craft room...?
Well, the mechanism in the door knob for that closet was installed backwards.  The angled part of the latch was facing out, so you could just pull the door open, but had to turn the knob in order to close the door...
So I switched it around for proper function.

And all is once again right in the land of door knobs.  (well except for that one that you see in my "loot" picture above, because that knob project was unfortunately not nearly as simple, nor successful... but more on that another time...)

Check back on Thursday for more about what I did with my "little" goodies.

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